Vegan recipe

BBQ Tofu Tacos

Prep 8 mins
Cook 8 mins
Serves 2

There’s never a bad time for tacos. Especially not vegan BBQ Tofu Tacos, layered with bean salsa and fresh herbs!
TOP TIP: These are not the snack to eat if you’re trying to be mess-free and polite – embrace the messiness and get stuck in!

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1 Pack of Cauldron Quick & Tasty Smoky BBQ Tofu
8 small tortilla wraps
50g vegan cheese
4 heaped tbsp of BBQ Sauce (or sub for tomato ketchup, 1 tsp smoked paprika, a pinch of brown sugar and 2 tsp tamari)
200g cooked mixed beans (available in a tin or as a salad pot)
50g sweetcorn
2 limes
Fresh coriander


  1. Start by preparing the Cauldron BBQ Tofu by chopping into bite-sized pieces, add to a griddle pan along with the delicious bbq marinade you get in the pack, fry on medium heat for 10 minutes before turning
  2. Meanwhile prepare the mixed beans, lime juice and sweet corn by mixing in a bowl and set aside ready to fill the tacos, do the same for the bbq sauce if made from scratch
  3. Once the tofu has grill lines on each side, prepare the tacos by adding the bbq sauce little vegan cheese to each one, a few pieces of bbq tofu, fold over and add to a non-stick pan, repeat until all of the tacos are filled in the pan
  4. Place the non-stick pan on high heat to toast the tacos on each side, then one deliciously crunchy dill with the beans and sweetcorn, top with fresh coriander and a squeeze of lime juice
  5. Enjoy!