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THREE new plant-based products hit the shelves of Asda and Waitrose!

Posted · 6th September 2021

At Cauldron, it’s our mission to create plant-based food that’s not only better for you bu......

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Cauldron new product launches
  • Asparagus
    Posted · 2nd August 2021

    How to use asparagus in your home cooking

    Introducing a bunch of different vegetables into your at-home cookbook isn’t just great for adding variation to your diet; it’s great for building your confidence in the kitchen to...

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  • Posted · 5th July 2021

    Best Vegan Aubergine Recipes

    We’re going to kick this foodie guide off with a surprising aubergine fact – they are, in fact, berries! Shocked? You’re not the only one! All along, we’ve been using the aub...

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  • Posted · 11th May 2021

    Unleash Plant-Based Greatness with NEW Pressed Tofu and Tandoori Bites!

    At Cauldron, we’re constantly thinking, researching and creating! We want to inspire you with a whole host of mouth-watering recipes that are better for us and better for our p...

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  • Posted · 29th March 2021

    Move Over Feta and Hello NEW Cauldron Greek-Style Cubes!

    At Cauldron, we’re constantly thinking of innovative ways to take your at-home cooking to the next level. Just in time for a bit of al fresco dining, we’re delighted to announce...

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  • Tofu and Cauliflower Balti
    Posted · 25th February 2021

    Our Guide to Cauliflower

    As unashamed foodies through and through, we’re doing the right thing and putting cauliflower in the limelight. That’s right, all hail the humble cauli! Below, we’ve pulled toget...

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  • Thai Green Curry
    Posted · 15th December 2020

    Vegan Myths Busted

    In today’s post, our in-house healthy eating expert Holly Roper tackles three common vegan misconceptions we hear from time to time and explain the science why these are oh so not...

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