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Quick & Easy Veggie Recipes for National Veggie Week

Posted · 27th April 2022

National Vegetarian Week Once again, we’re sponsoring National Vegetarian Week and e......

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Moroccan Falafel Sandwich
  • Hoisin Loaded Kimchi Pancake
    Posted · 29th March 2022

    Vegan street food-inspired recipes at home

    What is street food? Just as the name suggests, street food is ready-to-eat food, usually sold at markets, festivals, on the high street and sometimes on the side of the road...

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  • Posted · 1st March 2022

    What to do with Vegan Leftovers

    On average, one-third of all food produced worldwide is wasted (source: WWF). Shocking, right? When we waste our food, we’re not just throwing away nutrients and money; we’re thr...

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  • Posted · 1st February 2022

    How have we made our products Carbon Neutral?

    At the start of 2022, we announced that our products are now officially certified Carbon Neutral. We’ve always seen the importance of eating better for our planet, and we’ve made t...

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  • Posted · 4th January 2022

    From Plant Based to Planet Based in 2022

    Rachel de Thame, gardener and television presenter is working together with Cauldron Foods to raise awareness of the benefits of being plant based and planet based, as the company...

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  • Posted · 23rd December 2021

    Veganuary; eat better for our planet!

    After what we hope has been a wholesome, tasty Christmas, we’ve got news for you – the good food doesn’t end here! Don’t worry; we’re not suggesting you continue to relish i...

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  • The Ultimate Vegan Christmas
    Posted · 1st December 2021

    The Ultimate Vegan Christmas

    This year, we’re so thankful to bring back Christmas traditions – surrounded by family and friends and delicious, wholesome recipes! Food has the unique ability to bring p...

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