By sharing ideas and inspiration we can all eat better. Better for us. Better for our planet.

Unleash plant based greatness

We want everyone to know that plant based food is wonderful. We can enjoy authentic flavours. Wholesome nutrition. Excitement and creativity. And be kind to our planet.

Sharing the goodness

We’ve been doing this for 40 years and we’re thrilled the world is embracing a more positive attitude towards plant based food. With products, expertise and hundreds of mouth-watering recipes on our site, we’re proud to share our love for plant based loveliness.

Doing our bit

We practise what we preach and are always looking for new ways of improving what we do and the impact we have on the planet.

With tofu and sausages that are high in protein and falafels that are low in saturated fat, we can have healthy nutrition with a low environmental impact

We know we’re not perfect, but we’ll keep trying to improve. Like looking for new ways to reduce or replace the plastic film lid on our trays - it’s the only bit of our packaging that can’t be recycled but keeps our food fresh and safe. Below you can read about The UK Plastics Pact.

The UK plastic pact

By 2025


of plastic packaging effectively recycled or composted

By 2025


of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable

By 2025


average recycled content across all plastic packaging

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