Healthy falafel bowls

Packed with wonderful colours, flavours and textures, buddha bowls – sometimes called grain bowls or nourish bowls – are as nutritious as they are delicious, and are one of the healthiest ways to enjoy falafel. Usually packed with crunchy vegetables, they’re ideal for an office lunch or an easy weeknight meal – it’s often as simple as throwing all your favourites ingredients into a bowl and adding a tasty dressing of your choice!

Falafel poke bowl

This deliciously light Hawaiian-inspired recipe is a bowlful of healthy goodness! Nestle our tasty falafels alongside avocado, radishes, cucumber, edamame beans and cool sushi rice, then serve with a homemade dressing, black sesame seeds and micro herbs. It’s incredibly quick and simple to make – what’s more, it’s so good for you!

Vegan Falafel Buddha Bowl with Creamy Avocado Dressing

This vegan falafel buddha bowl with a creamy avocado dressing has it all going on. It’s such an easy, faff-free lunch recipe and makes a great meal prep for the next day!

Middle Eastern Falafels with Greek Yoghurt Dip

For a dinner side or starter, try these delightful Middle Eastern Falafel bites smothered in a smooth yoghurty dip. Crispy, nutty, herby and fluffy, they’re perfect for when you’re entertaining and also delicious served with grilled flatbread and a fresh salad.

Cauldron Middle Eastern falafel bites with yoghurty dip on a plate

Falafel Wraps & Rolls

Nothing quite beats a good old falafel wrap – they’re quick, simple and usually very filling! But the same old basic wraps can quickly get boring, especially if you’re eating them on a regular basis. The good news is, there are so many ways to add variety to your falafel wraps – from different dips to flavoured hummus. You could even try fusing different cuisines together and switch out flatbreads for rice paper – the options are endless!

A burrito cut open to showcase the filling including Cauldron spiced falafel, rice and veggies served on an orange mat with a pink background.

Whip up a tasty wrap this lunch with our Spiced Falafel and Vegetable Vegetarian Burrito recipe. Refried beans, smoky chipotle sauce and Cauldron Middle Eastern Falafels make this a wrap to remember. The best bit, it can be on your plate (or in your lunchbox) in under 20 minutes.

Delicious healthy dinners

At the end of a long day, you need a meal that’s going to deliver on all fronts – flavour, nutrition and satisfaction. By pairing our falafels with fresh greens, baked aubergine or fluffy couscous, you have all the makings of a hearty, healthy dinner that pleases the entire family.

Moroccan Falafels with Harissa Couscous

This tasty Middle Eastern recipe is the perfect pick-me-up – warm Moroccan falafels on a bed of light and fluffy couscous with pomegranate, cucumber and a kick of fragrant harissa. Drizzle with yoghurt sauce and enjoy!

Moroccan falafels served on top of vegetarian couscous topped with pomegranate seeds in a blue bowl and a sauce on the side

Roasted Aubergine & Middle Eastern Falafel Bake

This falafel & roasted aubergine bake recipe brings a rainbow of colour to your plate! Loaded with the good stuff - tahini, pomegranate, flaked almonds and Cauldron Middle Eastern Falafels, it’s a delicious dinner any day of the week.

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