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Healthy Falafel Recipe Ideas

Falafels are satisfying, delicious and wonderfully versatile. As a great source of protein, nutrients and fibre, they make a fantastic addition to a huge number of dishes across a variety of cuisines, or a tasty snack when you want something quick on the go. With so much potential, it can be easy to fall into a routine of making the same old meals – that’s why we’ve put together an inspiring selection of healthy ways to eat falafels, so you can keep things fresh and indulge in your favourite treat any time you like!

  • Healthy Falafel Bowls

    Packed with wonderful colours, flavours and textures, buddha bowls – sometimes called grain bowls or nourish bowls – are as nutritious as they are delicious. Usually packed with crunchy vegetables, they’re ideal for a workplace lunch or an easy weeknight meal – it’s often as simple as throwing all your favourites ingredients into a bowl and adding a tasty dressing of your choice!

  • Falafel Grain Bowl with Yogurt Dip

    Falafels are the hero of this gorgeous grain bowl, sitting on a bed of crunchy vegetables. Baby kale, sliced carrot and yellow pepper, are thrown in with broccoli and cauliflower florets, mixed quinoa and chargrilled avocado. Drizzle the whole thing with a maple syrup dressing and serve with a dairy-free yogurt dip for a grain bowl like no other!

    See full recipe >>>

  • Falafel Poke Bowl

    This deliciously light Hawaiian-inspired recipe is a bowlful of healthy goodness! Nestle our tasty falafels alongside avocado, radishes, cucumber, edamame beans and cool sushi rice, then serve with a homemade dressing, black sesame seeds and micro herbs. It’s incredibly quick and simple to make – what’s more, it’s so good for you!

    See full recipe >>>

  • Falafel Caribbean Salad Bowl with Coconut Farofa

    This refreshing, colourful salad will bring a little Caribbean sunshine to your table! Our falafels are warmed through and paired up with papaya, peppers and pumpkin seeds, then drizzled with a zingy passion fruit dressing. Serve with rocket, watercress and a sprinkling of coconut farofa for a true taste of the tropics!

    See full recipe >>>

  • Falafel Wraps & Rolls

    Nothing quite beats a good old falafel wrap – they’re quick, simple and usually very filling! But the same old basic wraps can quickly get boring, especially if you’re eating them on a regular basis. The good news is, there are so many ways to add variety to your falafel wraps – from different dips to flavoured hummus. You could even try fusing different cuisines together and switch out flatbreads for rice paper – the options are endless!

  • Falafel Piadas & Spicy Avocado Mint Dip

    This vegan recipe offers a spicy twist on the classic Italian street food – hand-rolled piadas stuffed with soft, warm falafels and crunchy chargrilled vegetables, served with a refreshing mint, harissa and avocado dip. Delizioso!

    See full recipe >>>

  • Falafel Wrap with Beetroot Hummus

    These wraps combine deliciously fresh flavours and colourful and fragrant ingredients for a light lunch or snack. Chickpeas, olive oil, tahini and horse radish are blended together with delicious beetroot to make a vibrant hummus. Spread generously over flatbreads, add fresh rocket and top with warm falafels halves, then simply roll together and enjoy!

    See full recipe >>>

  • Falafel Summer Rolls with Avocado Dip

    Offering a Cauldron twist on a street food staple, these light and healthy Vietnamese-style summer rolls make a flavoursome lunch. Delicate rice sheets filled with crunchy vegetables, fresh herbs and our tasty falafels, they’re extra delicious when served with a creamy homemade avocado dipping sauce. They’re great for picnics too!

    See full recipe >>>

  • Delicious Healthy Dinners

    At the end of a long day, you need a meal that’s going to deliver on all fronts – flavour, nutrition and satisfaction. By pairing our falafels with fresh greens, baked aubergine or fluffy couscous, you have all the makings of a hearty, healthy dinner that pleases the entire family.

  • Moroccan Falafels with Spring Pearl Barley Greens

    Enjoy warm falafel bites resting on a soft bed of pearl barley, adorned with purple broccoli, green spinach and tender asparagus. A small burst of chilli, a squeeze of zesty lemon and a sprinkle of fresh coriander round this dish off perfectly!

    See full recipe >>>

  • Baked Aubergine with Moroccan Falafel Crumb

    Bringing together the exciting tastes and textures of the Mediterranean, this richly flavoured recipe takes soft, baked aubergine halves and tops them with our sweet and fruity Moroccan Spiced Falafel Bites and a light scattering of fresh pomegranate seeds. Yum!

    See full recipe >>>

  • Moroccan Falafels with Harissa Couscous

    This tasty Middle Eastern recipe is the perfect pick-me-up – warm Moroccan falafels on a bed of light and fluffy couscous with sun-dried tomatoes, red pepper and a kick of fragrant harissa. Drizzle with yoghurt sauce and garnish with spring onions and toasted hemp seeds. Delicious!

    See full recipe >>>

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