There’s nothing better than mopping up a delicious curry with a beautifully soft and sumptuous naan – it's the ideal side dish. Naan, as we know it today, originates from the Indian subcontinent and these days mostly refers to a leavened, oven-baked, thick flatbread. The thinner, softer style of flatbread is sometimes known as chapati and is equally as delicious as naan bread.

Typically, these breads involve mixing white or whole wheat flour with active dry yeast, salt and water and then kneaded for a few minutes, left to rise, divided up and then flattened. Sometimes, they’re seasoned, which makes them the perfect accompaniment to curry dishes, as you can flavour them based on your personal preference.

If you want to try making your own naan, give this simplified recipe a go.


We know what you’re thinking, “of course rice is a curry accompaniment!” But don’t be fooled. You don’t always have to serve rice with curry. In fact, often curry is eaten with flatbreads alone! Dishes like Biryani come with rice as a staple, which can perhaps suggest rice is not always the standard accompaniment to a curry we’ve come to know in Western culture.

However, like flavoured flatbreads, you can flavour rice to become the perfect match for your curry. There are many variants of spiced rice that are delicious and easy to make; for example, Pulav, Chitranna, Ghee and Jeera are all different kinds of spiced rice that have varying subtleties of flavour.


Samosas are the perfect vegetarian side dish to curry; whether you’re looking for a starter to get you in the mood or a bit of crunch to pair with the main attraction, samosas have it all! Traditionally fried or baked with a savoury filling of potatoes, onions, peas and lentils, they’re a very filling snack.

We’ll admit that Samosas are simply carbs wrapped in pastry but boy, do they taste good! The good news, however, is that they’re very easy to make vegan – so they’re perfect to serve with a vegan or vegetarian curry! If you’d like to try and make your own vegan samosas from scratch, why not check out this delicious recipe and give it a try?


When people think of curry, they don’t usually think of pairing it with salad. Believe it or not, a fresh salad can make the perfect vegan side dish, so let us introduce you to Kachumber.

Kachumber is an Indian-style salad made with fresh chopped tomatoes, cumbers, onions, lemon juice and, sometimes, chilli peppers. When you add cabbage and zingy flavours, this is also known as Kachumber Sambharo.

Whip up a spicy curry and pair it with cooling yoghurt and a Kachumber salad, and you’ve got a next-level combination of flavours!


Chutney and curry go together like falafel and hummus! Basically, they were made to go together, and you can’t have one without the other! Traditionally, chutney can be anything from spicy coconut dip to a dahi, but more recently, we’ve come to know them more specifically as tart fruit sauces that are the ideal accompaniment to curry.

Many mass-produced chutneys are made with ample sugars and vinegars in order to preserve their shelf life, so next time you’re having a curry, why not try and make your own? The lovely Richa has a spicy vegan mango chutney recipe over on her blog veganricha.com. It’ll take you less than an hour, and trust us, it’ll be worth it!


Whilst chutney may well be top of the charts when it comes to dips on the side, there’s a whole world of tasty sauces to serve with curry.

Raita is a classic Indian sauce. This yoghurt-based dip is made with herbs and chopped fruit or veg to add a creamy cooling effect to curries. Most often, it is made with yoghurt, cucumber, onions, coriander and mint. Raita can also easily be made vegan with a dairy-free substitute like almond, cashew or coconut yoghurt.

As well as raita, there are also loads of other amazing sauces to serve up alongside a curry. From an avocado sauce to an Indian-style chimichurri - there are loads of amazing sauce recipes to mix up your usual curry spread!


In Western culture, it would be reasonable to assume the perfect drink with curry was a lager – and although a refreshing craft beer is just as beautiful pairing, it’s not the only great flavour combo.

If you’re looking for a soft drink, why not try a ginger ale? The fiery flavour goes perfectly with the spiciness of your curry. Or a soft, fruity pinot goes well, as does an Italian white. For something different, why not try a medium-dry cider? The fruity tones go well with any spicy dish!

We’ve concentrated on curry accompaniments from the Indian subcontinent here, but there are incredible curry recipes from all across the globe. We’ve pulled together some our favourite curries that use our Cauldron Tofu so you can cook these up at home -  you can find them all here.

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