What to serve with falafel

Falafels, our beloved chickpea-based balls of deliciousness, are a firm favourite for foodie folks of all kinds. BUT even though falafel is so well-loved, we’re hedging our bets that most of you tend to enjoy your falafel in one of a handful of ways:

  1. A classic falafel wrap

  2. A magic mezze

  3. A protein-packed snack

Whilst we’re one hundred percent here for all the above, we’re sure that from time to time, people fancy some falafel but don’t quite know what to serve it with.

Well, we’re here to help with this ultimate list of what to serve with falafel. Choose from our selection of sublime sides to supplement your fresh-out-the-oven falafels and turn a banging snack into a fully-fledged main meal.

What to have with falafel

Serve with hummus and tahini

Hummus is a classic falafel pairing that is traditional across the Middle East, including in Bahrain, Egypt and Israel. Most traditional eateries serve hummus and falafel with a tahini sauce. This is traditionally known as a “falafel plate” and is not unlike a mezze you’ll most likely have tried yourself!

For inspiration, dive into our tasty mezze platter here.

Tuck into falafel and pitta bread

There’s nothing better than a classic falafel pitta pocket (especially when you’ve made the pittas yourself). These are surprisingly easy to make with no mixer needed, and you can freeze them for later too! Add a traditional dip or sauce and a side salad to top it off.

Try this easy-to-follow homemade pita recipe from themediterraneandish.com to try.

Dip your falafel into some Toum

For the Lebanese, Toum is the preferred falafel partner. Toum is a creamy garlic dipping sauce that is notably thicker (almost like a spread) than most dips.

It’s also well-known for being particularly potent, so if you like a powerful garlicky punch, give toum a try! We’re fans of this recipe by feelgoodfoodie.com.

Moroccan falafels served on top of vegetarian couscous topped with pomegranate seeds in a blue bowl and a sauce on the side

Cauldron Moroccan Falafels with rose harissa cous cous

Add to a bed of harissa cous cous

Harissa’s smoky, peppery flavour works wonders with falafel.

This harissa-infused cous cous is the perfect falafel side that’s full of fragrant flavour and fills you up, too.

Enjoy with a serving of Baba Ganoush

This roasted aubergine dip with tahini, garlic, olive oil and lemon juice is a belter of a falafel accompaniment. It’s another Middle Eastern classic that always goes down a treat. Try our vegan baba ganoush recipe (or swap vegan yoghurt for dairy if that’s your preference!).

Serve falafel with a fresh Mediterranean cucumber salad

Made with just three main ingredients (cucumber, tomato and parsley, this is a super fresh salad that pairs perfectly with our falafel.

Try themediterraneandish.com’s recipe for this one.

Got some sides of your own to share? Let us know!

If you’ve got a firm falafel-accompaniment fave, we’d love to hear it!

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