How to cook delicious spring greens

Posted · 1st March 2019

Here at Cauldron we adore experimenting with flavours from around the world, but sometimes it’s easy to forget how brilliant some of the fruit and vegetables we have here on our doorstep are! This month, we’re celebrating the humble spring greens; looking into what exactly they are and why they’re so great for us, how best to cook them and, of course, some of our favourite recipes containing them.

What are spring greens?

Simply put, spring greens are the first cabbages of the year, they differ from collard greens – which are the greener, later growth. They are very much similar to a cos lettuce in their shape but are looser in form, without the tough heart of other cabbages and don’t have the fibrous crunch of round cabbages.

The health benefits of spring greens are well known; stemming from the brassica family, they provide you with a great amount of vitamin K – which builds bone strength – and vitamin C – which helps to support your immune system. There has been much documentation to suggest that some of the natural compounds found within plants such as spring greens have anti-inflammatory properties which help protect against strokes and heart disease.

How to cook full flavoured spring greens

So spring greens are chocked full of goodness, but how do you cook them? And what do they go with? We’ve outlined below some useful tips for storing and cooking.

1. When & where to get them

It might be too obvious to point out that spring greens are mostly found in spring but, to be a tad more specific, they are at their peak between April and June. You can find spring greens in most supermarkets, and you’ll definitely find them in your local market or green grocer during this time.

2. How to choose the best

If you like to shop at a local green grocers, it’s most likely they’ll stock some of the best spring greens, but if you’re buying them from your local supermarket – make sure you choose fresh, firm leaves and leave behind any that look slightly wilted, or are slightly darker around the edges.

3. How to prepare spring greens

They’re much like a cabbage in the way that you prepare your spring greens; simply remove the leaves from the center and gently wash them. It’s then up to your personal preference – or what you’re cooking – on whether your shred or leave whole in your meal.

4. How to store them

Like any fresh vegetable, spring greens are best kept in the fridge and used within a couple of days but this is particularly prevalent for anyone to make the most out of the nutrients found in these plants.

5. Best way to cook spring greens

Spring greens are very versatile when it comes to cooking, but many agree that they are delicious when sweated down with a knob of butter in a pan. Another great way to retain its nutrients is with steaming. Whichever way, slightly seasoning with salt and pepper or a squeeze of lemon is perfect.

Our favourite spring greens recipes

If you’re still a little unsure of what to pair spring greens with when cooking, we’ve got a whole plethora of recipes that utilise the great taste of this versatile ingredient!

1. Soba Linguine With Tofu & Spring Greens

Why not try a recipe of spring greens, asparagus and edamame beans combined with golden wok-fried tofu and warm, tender noodles for supper? This healthy dish takes only 5 minutes to prep and 15 to make, dinner packed with fresh, delicious flavours has never been so simple!

View Recipe >>>

2. Cumberland Sausage & Spring Greens Frittata

This frittata makes a tasty light dinner when served with a simple side salad. Alternatively, leave it to cool and cut into wedges for a lunchbox treat or picnic snack! This only takes 10 minutes to prepare, then simply pop under the grill!

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3. Moroccan Falafels with Spring Greens & Pearl Barley

Enjoy warm falafel bites resting on a soft bed of pearl barley, adorned with purple broccoli, green spinach and tender asparagus. This delicious dish only takes 25 minutes from start ‘til finish, so it’s the perfect weeknight winner if you’re looking for a quick but fresh fix.

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4. Cumberland Sausages with Baked Seasonal Colcannon

This traditional Irish dish is perfect when paired with our Cumberland Sausages; if you’re looking for something that is warming, yet springful, this is the perfect dish for you. This dish take just over an hour, so it’s one for when you have time to make a lazy dinner.

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