• Posted · 5th July 2020

    Top Three Healthy Eating Tips from Our Expert

    Maintaining a balanced diet can be a confusing affair. With so many different voices on the subject, it’s often difficult to know where to start. In particular, the term...

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  • Posted · 2nd July 2020

    Cooking with Stephen Fry

    This Thursday, we’re throwing back to National Vegetarian Week and an encounter with a National Treasure. Back in May (which already seems a long time ago), we supported...

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  • Posted · 6th May 2020

    What to do with Vegan Leftovers

    We all know that feeling of guilt when we reluctantly have to discard food in the bin or that sense of bewilderment when we open cupboards or the fridge door to discover a handful...

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  • How To Prepare & Cook Pak Choi
    Posted · 3rd March 2020

    How To Prepare & Cook Pak Choi

    If you’ve ever browsed our recipe list you’ll have noticed that we’re big fans of Asian cuisine. We think tofu specifically pairs beautifully well with oriental flavours and one of...

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  • Posted · 7th February 2020

    Easy and Delicious Vegan Valentine’s Day Food Ideas

    Are you looking to score the ultimate brownie points this year by cooking your own romantic Valentine’s Day meal for a loved one? Maybe you’re looking to pocket even more points by...

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  • Posted · 31st January 2020

    Veganuary Comedy Club - Wrap up!

    Last month we held our ‘Comedy Club’, an event for Veganuary that not only provided people with yummy vegan food but also aimed to dispel the myth that vegans aren’t funny! We pol...

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