• Posted · 28th April 2023

    How to make crispy tofu

    Crispy tofu is downright delicious. Getting that golden, crunchy crust on the outside with a delightful, pillowy texture on the inside never fails to hit the spot! There are...

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  • Posted · 30th March 2023

    Top tips for composting food waste

    In the UK, households are responsible for 70% of the nation’s food waste (source: Love Food Hate Waste). Food waste harms our environment by releasing greenhouse gases that c...

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  • Posted · 23rd February 2023

    Meal prep recipes to save money and reduce food waste

    Preparing your meals in advance takes a little work, but it’s your secret weapon to saving money and being more sustainable. Add a little bit of know-how for storing certain i...

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  • Posted · 1st February 2023

    Plant-Based Meals for Two; Vegan Valentine's Recipes

    There are many ways to express love, but delicious, homemade food has to be our favourite! We’re a nation that’s centred around food. We incorporate it into a large portion of ou...

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  • Posted · 14th December 2022

    Veganuary; eat better for our planet!

    We’re an official sponsor of Veganuary 2023 for the 3rd year in a row, now with the addition of some exciting news – all Cauldron products are Carbon Neutral and will be 1...

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  • Posted · 1st December 2022

    The Ultimate Vegan Christmas

    The smell of roasties in the oven, sweet cranberry sauce and honey-glazed parsnips – in other words, the scent of Christmas Day! The Great British Christmas Dinner is a...

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