• Posted · 5th September 2019

    How to Cook Tofu

    Cooking with Tofu When preparing dishes with tofu for the very first time, some people are unsure where to begin. The good news is – once you know how – cooking with...

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  • Posted · 4th September 2019


    From the popularity of our Fabulous Falafels, we know that versatile products you can snack straight from the pack or heat up at home are real winners. That’s why we’re excited to...

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  • Posted · 12th August 2019

    Vegan & Vegetarian Greek Food Recipes

    Traditional and Famous Ancient Greek Food Unsurprisingly, Greece has a culinary history that can be traced back several millennia. One of the main features of Greek cuisine is...

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  • Posted · 1st July 2019

    Fill Up Your Freezer With Vegan Food!

    If you’re a fan of our frozen range, we have some news for you. Sadly, our vegan Mediterranean Sausages and Aduki Bean Melt are being discontinued and won’t be available much lon...

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  • Posted · 17th June 2019

    Our American Road Trip: Vegan & Vegetarian Twists on Traditional American Classics

    American food has become synonymous with fast, and processed food. But traditional American food is absolutely bursting with fresh and vibrant flavours – if you know where to...

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  • How To Serve Falafel
    Posted · 30th May 2019

    How to Serve Falafel

    What is falafel Falafel can actually refer to an entire dish, but more often than not is used to refer to the main ingredient – the falafel ball. They are made from ground...

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