• Japanese Street Food
    Posted · 9th June 2015

    Rise of Japanese street food in the UK

    Japanese Street Food Vegetarian Japanese street food? Yes, you heard us right! Although vegetarianism isn’t as widely understood in Japan, vegetarian Japanese options are on the...

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  • Vegetarian food for ramadan
    Posted · 24th May 2015

    Vegetarian dishes for Ramadan

    Cauldron Foods and Ramadan Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic holy calendar, when Muslims abstain from food and drink during daylight hours for one month, as an act of...

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  • Posted · 5th May 2015

    Street food spotlight: The Mighty Food Fight

    Rising Stars of the Street Food Scene Vegetarian street food has exploded onto the streets of the UK and our favourite markets now feature eclectic mixes of vendors who are...

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  • National Vegetarian Week
    Posted · 5th May 2015

    National Vegetarian Week 2015

    Challenge Yourself to a meat-free week Can you go meat-free for a week? With more and more people reducing the amount of meat they include in their diet, National Vegetarian Week...

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  • Cauldron Foods Falafel
    Posted · 2nd April 2015

    The Rise of the Mighty Falafel

    Falafel is on the UP! Once a niche snack saved for strict vegetarians, the humble falafel has well and truly found its feet in the mainstream and taken the UK by storm. Making...

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  • Wholefood Heaven
    Posted · 2nd April 2015

    Interview: Wholefood Heaven

    Wholefood Heaven David and Charlotte Bailey from vegetarian street food business, Wholefood Heaven, have made a career out of their two passions in life, food and travel. Since...

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