• Posted · 18th August 2017

    Advanced Tofu Techniques: Textures & Flavours

    How to use tofu Mastering tofu is all about taking things to the next level, so we’ve pulled together some ideas for experimenting with the texture of tofu, methods for m...

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  • Cauldron Foods Organic Tofu Pieces
    Posted · 25th July 2017

    What is Tofu?

    Cauldron Foods Organic Tofu Tofu is fast becoming recognised across the globe as an extremely versatile food, an excellent source of protein and a provider of many different...

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  • Chinese New Year 2016
    Posted · 1st February 2016

    Chinese New Year 2016

    Chinese New Year is the biggest festival in the calendar for Chinese communities across the world, With Monday 8th February heralding the Year of the Monkey. Traditional...

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  • Deep-fried tofu pieces
    Posted · 3rd March 2015

    AyAm Happy: A passion for Indonesian cuisine

    Introducing Ayam Happy Having moved to the UK in 2003 Isadora, chief cook and co-founder of Ayam Happy, quickly became home-sick and in need of some decent Indonesian food....

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  •  Indonesian street food
    Posted · 3rd March 2015

    Our guide to Indonesian street food

    Indonesian Street Food Dishes Packed with intense flavours and spices like cloves and nutmeg, Indonesian street food is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the...

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  • Indonesian street food
    Posted · 2nd March 2015

    Our favourite Indonesian street food vendors

    Indonesian Street Food Vendors We’ve handpicked a selection of show-stopping street food vendors and restaurants in the UK that offer authentic Indonesian cuisine.

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