Veganuary Comedy Club - Wrap up!

Posted · 31st January 2020

Last month we held our ‘Comedy Club’, an event for Veganuary that not only provided people with yummy vegan food but also aimed to dispel the myth that vegans aren’t funny!

We polled 2,000 adults to find the most common misconceptions about vegans – including beliefs that they are tired all day, spend hours planning meals and lack a sense of humour. One fifth of those questioned believed that vegans aren’t funny and so, a Cauldron Comedy Club was born!

The comedy club was hosted by widely acclaimed stand-up and current champion of Taskmaster Lou Sanders, headlined by the observational genius Carl Donnelly and supporting act, Annie McGrath, host of ‘Secret Artists’ podcast and star of “The Turkey Vs Potato Roast” by Greenpeace.

Cauldron Foods Comedy Club headliner and Veganuary ambassador, Carl Donnelly said: “I can prove that your dietary choices have zero effect on your sense of humour.”

“In actual fact, since going vegan I’ve been blessed with more material than ever. Mainly due to having working class Irish parents who have no idea what veganism is. My mum recently asked me if Tuna was vegan!”

Carl Donnelly continued: “One of my favourite things about being vegan, is lying to those that ask me about the nutritional side of things. I recently got asked the question “Where do you get your protein from?” and I told them I get my protein from a friend! The weirdest thing was that they believed me.”

It’s safe to say that the evening was a huge success, the trio indeed proving that vegans can be funny! We had vegan food and lifestyle blogger Romy London take over our Instagram for the night to showcase the delicious spread – including our now 100% vegan Moroccan Falafels!

We also served up a sumptuous vegan menu for the night, including starters of Falafel Jalapeno Poppers, Saag Aloo Tofu Cakes and our Tofu, Apple & Sweet Onion Tartlets. For mains, we presented our Roasted Aubergine & Middle Eastern Falafel Bake, Smoked Tofu, Roasted Squash & Warm Lentil Salad, and Zaatar Tofoumi with Orange Couscous, Tahini & Pomegranate Dressing. All vegan, all very yummy!

Head over to our Instagram highlights to check out the event for yourself!


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