We're proud official sponsors of Veganuary

Posted · 29th November 2020

We’re delighted to be partnering with Veganuary as an official sponsor for 2021.

About the partnership, Ria Rehberg, CEO of Veganuary said:
“We’re delighted that Cauldron is joining us as an official sponsor of the Veganuary 2021 campaign to make their plant-based products such as falafel and tofu, that build the foundation of the vegan market, accessible for all consumers in the UK. Cauldron is joining forces with our official sponsor brands to inspire people to move to a plant-based diet, as a way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering and improving the health of millions of people.”

Since 2014, Veganuary has inspired and supported more than one million people in 193 countries to try vegan for January and beyond.

This is a cause that’s obviously very close to our hearts, so we have a fantastic month planned, including 31 days of inspiration being shared across all of our social channels, covering nutritional blogs, recipes ideas, competitions, motivational messages and much more! We’re also encouraging everyone at our workplace to eat more vegan food during Veganuary with recipe inspiration, tastings of vegan food and a virtual ‘lunch and learn’ session about how best to cook tofu.

We know we’re not yet 100% vegan but we’ve pledged to ensure our full range will be vegan by 2022. In the background, our development chefs are working hard to create vegan versions of our lip-smacking Lincolnshire and Cumberland sausages, so this year, you will only see the Veganuary Official Sponsorship logo on messaging linked to our Tofu and Falafel ranges.

We’d love you to join us and make your own pledge to try a vegan diet this January, and you can now do so here!

We’re excited to share more – stay tuned for information.


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