Vegan snacks and sharing boards

Posted · 27th July 2022

We’ll be the first to admit that we love nothing more than a hearty stew or a veg-packed pie during those cold winter months, but as the hot days and warmer evenings roll in (yay!), it feels only natural to swap the comfort food for light, refreshing meals, snacks and sharing boards.

Sharing boards are the perfect way to bring everyone together – In a garden, in a park, or around your outdoor dining table; everyone can dig and dip away into a board of tasty treats!

That said, we’re familiar with temptation taking over when you reach into the snack cupboard, and the crisps and biscuits are so quickly in reach. If you’re building up a snack board as a main meal, it’s important to ensure you’re including those healthy ingredients and getting the nutrition you need. This leads us on to…

Cauldron’s vegan snacks

Here at Cauldron, we LOVE snacks. So much so that we’ve created a range dedicated to plant-based bites and falafels that can be enjoyed on the go or as part of the main meal.

Every Cauldron snack can be eaten cold (easy!) or can be heated up to create a crunchy outer layer. Whichever way you choose, our tasty Falafels, Korean Bites, and Tandoori Bites make a fantastic addition to a sharing platter. Not to mention they’re a healthier alternative to your classic grab-and-go foods like crisps, pastries, and sweet treats.

Do you want to know how to build up an Instagrammable sharing board and impress your friends this summer? Feast your eyes below…

Vegan Summer Sharing Board Ideas

We’ve done the hard work for you and curated some of our favourite vegan sharing boards – combining snacks with dips, garnishes, and more to create top-tier summer platters.

Middle Eastern Mezze Platter

A mezze platter is easy, fun, and perfect for a picnic or a flavoursome homemade dinner – it’s basically a party on a plate!

Our Middle Eastern Mezze Platter is filled with only the tastiest toppings and Mediterranean & Middle Eastern flavours, including our own Middle Eastern Falafels!

Vegan Summer Sharing Board

Make Cauldron Korean Bites the centre of attention in this crunchy vegan platter. The spicy combination of Gochujang hummus and sriracha mayo means you can dunk until your heart’s content. And fear not – cucumbers are there to tame the spicy tingle afterwards!

Moroccan Mezze Platter

Dip and dunk into a taste of Morocco with this colourful mezze platter.

Flatbreads, Cauldron Moroccan Falafels, and black olive and roasted red pepper tapenade are brought together to create this tasty vegan sharing board.

Tandoori Tear & Share with Lime Pickle

What beats a hearty, spiced tear and share in the middle of the table for everyone to dig into?

This fluffy loaf is filled with flavour and paired with our Tandoori Bites to add an extra element (plus an extra thing to dunk into all those homemade dips).

Do you think you could create a better vegan platter? Let’s see your creations – share them with us on Instagram by tagging us – we’ll reshare our favourite recipes on our stories!


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