Best Vegan Aubergine Recipes

Posted · 5th July 2021

We’re going to kick this foodie guide off with a surprising aubergine fact – they are, in fact, berries! Shocked? You’re not the only one! All along, we’ve been using the aubergine as tasty veg when, actually, we could have been making a fruity little number!

But, fruit or veg, aubergine is an excellent addition to any dish. It’s native to South-East Asia but it’s now grown worldwide, has multiple varieties, and it’s cooked in several different ways. They can also sometimes be referred to as ‘eggplants’ depending on where you are in the world so if you see that name on a menu, you’ll know exactly what’s going on!

If you’re unsure on how to get the most out of your aubergine, or you want to add a few aubergine-based dishes to your cookbook, feast your eyes below.

Nutritional Benefits of Aubergine

Let’s kick off with why you might want to add aubergine to your cooking in the first place. With so many colourful fruit and veg out there, why does the smoky aubergine stand out from the crowd?
They’re full of fibre, potassium and vitamins B1 and B6. The skin is also rich in an antioxidant called nasunin (which gives it its beautiful purple colour!) and has been found to protect the fats in your brain cell membranes. It’s these fats that have the crucial role of protecting your cells, so anything to help keep them strong and safe is a big bonus and pretty important!

Aubergines are also low in fat and contain a specific ingredient that initial scientific studies have found to help manage glucose absorption – potentially helping to reduce high blood pressure.

So, not only are they a beautiful deep purple, but they’re packing in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, too – making them a great ingredient to add to your dishes for flavour and health.

When are Aubergines in Season?

You’ll be happy to hear… right now!

They’re in their prime from late May to the middle of October. That’s not to say you can’t buy and enjoy aubergine outside of these months, but during this period, they’ll be packing in the most nutrients and tasting their absolute best!

How to Cook Aubergine

Aubergine in grocery store

Let’s take it way back to the beginning. You’re in the supermarket or at the local veg stall, and you’re picking out the perfect one – to test how ripe the aubergine is, gently press on the skin with your finger or thumb. If it feels firm and slightly bouncy, you’re good to go. If your finger leaves a visible impression, it’s, unfortunately, started to lose its freshness.

Once home, store your aubergine in a container or paper bag, in the fridge, and eat it within a couple of days for maximum tastiness.

Aubergines have a soft spongy centre, and, true to their likeness, they act as a sponge when popped into a pan or a baking dish with other ingredients. Their tiny air pockets soak up any flavours you throw their way (pretty similar to our tofu), so they’re fantastic for adding to recipes and building up bold, punchy dishes.

When it comes to actual cooking, aubergine is a pretty laidback, flexible ingredient. It can be cooked in several different ways and, we think every way is delicious!
They can be baked, roasted, roasted and puréed, or sliced and fried.

Now we’ve tempted you in with the where, why and how, let’s dive into some vegan aubergine recipes. We have combined the nutritionally rich veg with our Pressed Tofu with Italian Herbs & Tomato and flavoured Falafels, to cook up some tasty inspiration for your at-home cooking!

Without further ado…

Vegan Aubergine Recipes

Falafel Ratatouille


Cauldron Middle Eastern Falafels on a bed of smoky ratatouille with aubergine, peppers, courgette and garlic at the heart!

If you’re in need of a tasty bowl of colourful comfort food, look no further!

Full Recipe

Mediterranean Tofu Tray Bake


A quick ‘n’ easy winner that’ll please the whole table.

This chunky Mediterranean traybake made with roasted aubergine, onion, pepper and Pressed Tofu with Italian Herbs will do just that!

Perfectly seasoned and roasted to perfection, it’s a winner every time.

Full Recipe

Baked Aubergine


Really make the aubergine the main event by seasoning, baking and topping!

Use Cauldron Moroccan Falafels to add a sweet tang to your earthy baked aubergine and finish with a fresh sprinkle of pomegranate seeds.

Full Recipe

We always love to see what you’re cooking up at home, so if you’ve got a top-notch aubergine recipe out there… tell us! Tag us in your recipe photos on Instagram.


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