Truly tasty seasonal recipes!

Posted · 5th October 2021

It’s time to get your woollen jumpers, thick socks and big blankets out for good! And, the best part? Comforting, home-cooked recipes become part of the everyday!

There’s no better way to warm yourself after an autumn stroll than with a steaming bowl of vegetable stew or hand-warming soup. These dishes lend themselves to chunky vegetables and all the spices, so it’s a great way to pack your 5-a-day into all your meals and use up all of your leftovers while you’re there!

To make your autumn dishes even tastier and more nutritious, you can tailor your cookbook to include recipes that have seasonal ingredients in them. This way, you’ll be eating fruit and vegetables when they’re at their best – nutritionally, and you may even fancy getting adventurous and trying a new recipe or two!

What’s in season in October?

To name just a few of the fruits and vegetables that are at their peak this month:

  • Kale
  • Pumpkin
  • Beetroot
  • Horseradish
  • Carrot
  • Leek
  • Apple
  • Peppers
  • Pears
  • Figs

If you’re looking at that list and thinking ‘how?’ and ‘what?’, then keep on reading. We’re dishing up some autumnal recipes that you’re going to want to stash away for cold evenings and afternoons.

Why eat seasonally?

We’re lucky in that most of us can get hold of all kinds of produce in our local supermarket the entire year-round. However, this also makes us forget that there’s actually a peak eating time for all fruit and veg. If you tune in to what’s in season for the other months of the year, you’ll not only be eating food that’s fresher and more nutritious but tastier too! By looking at what’s in season locally right now, you’re reducing the amount of time since the produce was picked and on your plate, meaning it’s likely that all of the vitamins and minerals will still be intact!
Also, eating seasonally is often much better for our planet too, as fruit and veg grown outside in their natural growing season use less energy so create fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

This might mean throwing a few new veggies in your classic stew recipe, but you never know, you could recreate a recipe that’s better than the original! Plus remember, we want to be eating as many different colours of fruit and veg as possible to access a whole range of antioxidants (each colour denotes a different antioxidant!) so eating seasonally is a great way of encouraging more variety and diversity within your diet.

Time to get adventurous and explore some top-notch tasty plant-based dishes with seasonal fruit or veg packed into them.

Veggie and Vegan Seasonal Recipes

Creamy Tofu and Leek Pie

Is it just us who labels colder temperatures as ‘pie weather’?
This creamy pie filling is packed with soft Authentic Tofu Block, garlicky mushrooms and the seasonal ingredient – leek. The perfect centrepiece for a family evening around the table!

Full recipe

Tofu Vegetable Fritters

The tastiest hand warmers we’ve ever eaten!
Filled with freshly grated vegetables, including seasonal carrots, and Marinated Tofu Pieces and then baked to perfection. Serve straight from the oven or pop them in your backpack for a mid-way autumn stroll snack!

Full recipe

Spicy Tofu and Root Vegetable Soup

We’ve said it before; we’ll say it again – soup season is officially here!
This simple, speedy soup recipe has a kick o’ heat balanced with creamy Authentic Tofu Block and fresh vegetables, including carrots. Perfect for wrapping your mitts around on a cool autumn afternoon.

Full recipe

Lincolnshire Sausage and Beetroot Veggie Burger

A bun-full of deliciousness!
This recipe is packed full of not one, not two but three seasonal ingredients – bonus points! Cauldron Lincolnshire Sausages are combined with beetroots and carrots to make the vibrant pattie, and then creamy horseradish sauce is drizzled on top for extra tastiness.

Full recipe

As always, we love to see what you’re cooking up at home! What’s your favourite seasonal recipe? Tag us in your homecooked greatness on Instagram or Facebook, and we’ll reshare to our social channels.


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