The rising stars of Britain’s street food scene

Posted · 2nd April 2015
Britain' Street Food Scene

Street Food in Britain

Often, when we think of street food, we think of the night markets of Bangkok or roadside stalls of Vietnam, but this month, we wanted to celebrate the homegrown street food talent right on our doorstep.

Continuing our search for the best street food markets, stalls and trucks across the country, we meet vendors who are proud to be British, use British ingredients, or even put a British twist on other world cuisines. They’ll share some recipes and cooking tips on how to rustle up some of the tastiest street food around.

Street food spotlight: Rupert’s Street: Currently touring the UK

The people behind Rupert’s Street are passionate foodies, who produce vegan-friendly versions of some of Britain’s favourite food. They create beautifully diverse dishes using local produce and have fostered fantastic relationships with the organic farms from which they source their produce, close to their home in Kent.

Originally a graphic designer, founder of Rupert Street, Emily Runc, fancied a career change. As a huge food fanatic, she loved the idea of getting creative with recipes and, having converted to veganism eight years ago, she knew she could bring something different to the street food scene.

Seasonal produce is at the heart of Emily’s food and although she takes inspiration from around the world, British food is very much her passion. The latest addition to her eclectic menu is chickpea and beetroot burgers.

Rupert’s Street loves touring the UK and bringing their food to different groups of people, and, as meat-eaters become more flexible in what they eat, the vegan lifestyle is becoming more popular and business is booming!

Follow Rupert’s Street on Twitter to find out when they’ll be coming to a town or music festival near you.

And in the meantime, Emily has shared with us her incredible Tofu & Beluga Lentil Salad recipe (see below).

Cauldron organic Tofu additions

Breaking Bread: Scotland

Glaswegian foodies Breaking Bread is dedicated to supplying Glasgow with some of Britain’s tastiest street food. Contrary to their name, they don’t just bake bread. Breaking Bread’s menu is peppered with tasty vegetarian treats created from fresh seasonal British produce, inspired by flavours from around the world.

Their exotic dishes include; Chickpea Falafel and Hummus with a Lebanese Style Slaw in an Elderberry Vinaigrette, with a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce and Yoghurt and Halloumi Burgers with Butternut Squash on Toasted Brioche.

If you’re already a fan of Breaking Bread, then (like us) you probably can’t help but love their colourful converted bright blue food van. You’ll see their beautiful food truck touring Glasgow festivals throughout the summer and various street food pop-ups throughout the winter.

Born & Raised Pizza: LONDON

Born & Raised Pizza

Specialising in British-inspired pizzas, Born & Raised has an interesting take on your usual Italian classic. The vendors combine fine Italian pizza dough with responsibly sourced British produce to create amazingly tasty and unique pizzas. But the British twist doesn’t stop there. Born & Raised pizzas are served from the most British of street food vehicles, a converted Land Rover.

Although the Born & Raised pizza toppings aren’t all vegetarian, we can’t recommend their vegetarian options enough. They’ve had loads of fun developing their quintessentially British toppings and it really shines through. Their menu has given us some fantastic pizza recipe ideas including Somerset goats cheese on beetroot infused dough with caramelised red onions & watercress. Amazing!


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