Street Food Round-Up 2014

Posted · 14th July 2014
people enjoying eating street food

A sit down with Journalist Richard Johnson: Organiser of the British Street Food Awards

This year, we are both delighted and excited in equal measure to be sponsoring the ‘Best Snack’ category at the British Street Food Awards. The organiser of the awards and journalist Richard Johnson wants you to get involved in the street food revolution, and here’s why…

Street food will go crazy in 2014. But on private land — not public; if you own the land yourself, there aren’t the same by-laws to adhere to. Street food will also continue to come indoors as big business tries to capture that ‘on-the-run sensibility’ to give their food courts a casual, shareable vibe. Indoors and out, street food in 2014 will be portable and flirty with a low level of commitment.

Journalist Richard Johnson

The supermarkets are getting in on the action too. But that’s because they know the success of street food in Britain reflects a real change in our food culture. We don’t want starter-main course-dessert any more. It’s too restrictive. We want a bit of this, followed by a bit of that.

Whether it’s falafel, or microwaveable stir fries, the supermarkets are doing their best to reflect these changes in the way we eat.
So are our schools. Recognising a need for ‘grab ‘n’ go’ food for time-pressed, brand aware kids, that was quick and simple for school caterers to prepare and serve, yet simultaneously met the nutritional standards, manufacturers got clever and created a whole new generation of street-food style offerings that mimic the kinds of takeaway stuff kids love. And yet it’s healthy and tasty.

Street food company selling food

If you walk into your local secondary school now, chances are you’ll see kids eating a range of pasta or noodle pots, curries, pizza slices, sub-style hot sandwiches, slushies, smoothies, shakes, lollies, baguettes, pretzels and hot and cold wraps; all designed to be eaten on the move, and all meeting the strict nutritional standards. Plus the design is often better than you see on the street. It’s a win-win situation.

It won’t just be in schools. It will be everywhere – even the work canteen. Contract catering is being turned on its head. But street food indoors is not easy to get right. Caterers need to make it feel authentic. And spontaneous. If you’re just putting somebody in a funny hat and saying ‘this is street food and it’s coming out of a wok and it’s cool’ it will feel ridiculous.

Gone are the theme days when you would say ‘Let’s do a Mexican day’, and serve fajitas’. Nowadays it has to feel real. Do your research beforehand and make it as authentic as you possibly can to give people that experience. Involve customers – teach them how to make something. Send them home with ‘with sauce’ kits. Anything which puts a smile on people’s faces – that’s what street food should do.

Get Inspired

Feeling inspired? There’s a whole host of street food-inspired recipes on our website to help you bring the tastes and flavours into your kitchen. Time to get experimenting!

You can also find out more about the British Street Food Awards and the street food revolution on their website


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