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Rise of Japanese street food in the UK

Vegetarian Japanese food? Yes you heard us right! Although vegetarianism isn’t as widely understood in Japan, vegetarian Japanese options are on the rise in the vibrant UK street food scene.

  • Touring the streets of London is Yu Kyu, masters of Japanese comfort food. Their tasty vegetarian alternatives include Kabocha Croquette – a popular hearty snack in Japan, served up with pumpkin seeds, avocado, sesame seeds, Japanese brown sauce, and finely sliced red and white cabbage.

    Cooking up a storm in the West Midlands is street food vendor, Unami: Japanese Soul Food. Feeling that sushi only scratches the surface of Japanese cuisine, this vendor brings its customers a true taste of Japan, fresh from the streets of Osaka. On the menu you’ll find spicy curries, noodle broths and okonomiyaki (pictured right) – a delicious savory pancake popular in Japan.

    Pictured below is a firm weekend favourite in Japan – the Yakisoba style noodle dish. Check out our Japanese Yakisoba recipe, which uses Cauldron Original Tofu.

    Japanese street food
  • A visit to Kanada-Ya packs a punch into traditional Japanese ramen, serving up tasty delights straight from the streets of Japan. It is proud of its 18 hour stewed ramen broth that has been described as the tastiest ramen in London and is lovingly stewed to perfection. Although Kanada-Ya relies on pork to build up the broth flavour, we think vegetables build up a depth of flavour that is slightly sweeter than the meat option. With outlets in London, Hong Kong and Fukuoka, Japan, you know these experts mean business.

    Looking for recipe inspiration? Why not take a look at our very own vegetarian Japanese recipes over on our recipe page. Alternatively why not check some of these delicious tofu recipes; including teriyaki tofu (pictured left) and tofu miso soup.

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