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National Vegetarian Week 2017

National Vegetarian Week is a wonderfully simple idea – it’s all about setting yourself the challenge of going vegetarian for just one week. Organised by the Vegetarian Society, this year it takes place between Monday 15th and Sunday 21st May – it’s an ideal way to start learning how to cook different dishes, adopt a fully vegetarian lifestyle or simply take your first steps towards eating less meat.

The idea of gently encouraging people to adopt a meat-free lifestyle by eating exciting, authentic meals is one that really resonates with us – and we have loads of delicious vegetarian recipes that show just how easy it can be to switch things up. And this doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste. In fact, enjoying flavoursome, satisfying meals you can make at home is what we’re all about.

This year, Si King and Dave Myers, a.k.a. The Hairy Bikers, are front and centre of the campaign. “As cooks, we’ve always appreciated our veg and they’re a hugely important part of our cooking,” they said. “And lately, without really thinking about it, we’ve been eating less meat. The more we learn about cooking great food, the more we enjoy making use of all the amazing produce that’s on offer and creating dishes where vegetables, pulses and other plant foods are the stars of the show.”

Looking for inspiration? Worried a vegetarian meal won’t fill you up? Here’s a few of our favourite hearty recipes to get you started.

  • Tofu Saag Jalfrezi

    This vegetarian take on the famous Indian Jalfrezi is a mouthwatering combination of richly flavoured marinade, chargrilled tofu and a spicy tomato and spinach sauce. Serve with garlic naan for a supremely satisfying curry experience.

  • Lincolnshire Sausage with Fava Bean Porridge

    Ful Medames is a popular Egyptian dish loaded with fava beans and a hint of spice, served with thick, creamy yoghurt, slices of cucumber and lemon wedges. We teamed this with our vegetarian Lincolnshire Sausages to bring you a tasty, vibrant alternative to boring old beans and sausages.

  • Lentil & Bulgur Wheat Tabbouleh with Gochujang Spiced Tofu

    This fibre-packed fusion dish is bursting with Asian and Mediterranean flavours, combining spicy tofu, fresh herbs and a zingy lemon dressing. The fiery Korean bean paste adds great depth of flavour, offset by the tender bulgur wheat and lentil tabbouleh. Serve hot or cold.

  • Shakshuka Breakfast with Falafels

    Shakshuka is a Middle Eastern dish consisting of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce with chillies, onions and cumin spice. Our recipe throws in our regular Falafels, making a wholesome, filling meal fit for any time of day.

    If the idea of eating a vegetarian diet for seven days in a row still seems a little daunting, take a look at the full range of delicious foods we have on offer – from tofu to falafel to veggie sausages. And for more inspiration, check out our entire selection of recipes, bringing together dishes and cuisines from around the world. For even more mouth watering ideas, keep an eye on our Facebook page, and for further advice, tips and resources, head over to the official National Vegetarian Week website.

    What are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

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