AyAm Happy: A passion for Indonesian cuisine

Posted · 3rd March 2015
Deep-fried tofu pieces

Introducing Ayam Happy

Having moved to the UK in 2003 Isadora, chief cook and co-founder of Ayam Happy, quickly became home-sick and in need of some decent Indonesian food. Unable to find an authentic restaurant in London, she started to experiment in her own kitchen using her mother’s recipes.

The idea to turn her passion for good, quality food into a business didn’t become a reality until several years later when a friend suggested that she should start selling her food to the Indonesian community in London. Isadora has been selling lunch boxes ever since and is now one of the best street food vendors of Indonesian cuisine.

Ayam Happy team

Isadora from Ayam Happy told Cauldron Foods:

At Ayam Happy we tap into the rich heritage of Indonesia to offer vegetarian delights such as; Tempe vegetarian patty served with home-made peanut sauce and rice, Mie Tahu ( tofu noodles ) served with egg noodles, pak choi, bean-sprouts and tossed in a special dressing or Sayur lodeh – mix vegetable in white curry – made using coconut milk, long beans, green chilies, shallots, coriander, candlenut and turmeric. Additionally, in true street hawker style, we sometimes serve up Gado-gado, an Indonesian salad made up of spinach, bean sprouts, long beans, pak choi and topped with our home-made peanut sauce.

This summer we will be working at various festivals across London and will be at food festivals including Wild Chilli Festival in Essex and the L’Eroica Britannia festival.

An authentic Indonesian recipe – Tahu Gejrot

This dish originally comes from Cirebon in West Java and is perfect as a starter. If you’re not used to having something spicy you can reduce the chilli. Beware this dish is spicy, it will wake up your taste buds and can be quite addictive!


1 396g pack of Cauldron Organic Tofu
4 cloves of banana shallots – these should be peeled as they will need to grind together with the garlic on pestle and mortar
4 cloves of garlic
10 pieces of green bird’s eye chilli (could be mixed with the red one)
1 tsp salt
6 tbsp tamarind water
100 gr Indonesian palm sugar/gula jawa
250 ml water
4 tbsp Indonesian sweet soy sauce / kecap manis


1. Preparing your tofu

To prepare, we recommend pressing the tofu for between 10 – 20 minutes (the longer you can press it for, the firmer the texture of your tofu will be). Remember to use plenty of layers of kitchen roll to soak up the water!

It’s a simple process – follow our step-by-step video guide. The video also shows you how easy it is to marinate your prepared tofu, and how to store for another day.

2. Cut your tofu into small squares and fry until it is puffy in appearance and golden in colour

3. Dilute the palm sugar into hot water

4. Mix tamarind water, palm sugar (which already been diluted into hot water) salt and kecap manis in a container

5. Grind the shallots, garlic, and chillis in pestle and mortar. If you don’t have one you can use a hand blender

6. Dish the tofu onto a serving plate and either pour the dressings all over the tofu or use it as a dip.

Sweet, sour, spicy and so refreshing!

fried Cauldron Organic Tofu

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