Fill Up Your Freezer With Vegan Food!

Posted · 1st July 2019

If you’re a fan of our frozen range, we have some news for you. Sadly, our vegan Mediterranean Sausages and Aduki Bean Melt are being discontinued and won’t be available much longer. The good news is, you still have time to stock up your freezer! If you’d like one final chance to enjoy their uniquely delicious flavours, they’re still available on Ocado, the online supermarket – but once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Known for packing in flavour and being simple to cook, they can be warmed up straight from the freezer to create delicious feel-good vegan meals in minutes. And if you’re looking for fresh recipe inspiration or just want to recreate some of your old favourites, don’t forget to check out these great recipes for sausage and basil stew, Portuguese-style salad with baked peach or Italian conchiglioni – each one bringing out the sun-drenched flavours of the Mediterranean.

We’re always sad to say goodbye to delicious products, but at Cauldron there’s nothing more important to us than experimenting in the kitchen. We spend a lot of time carefully researching, cooking and testing our products, fine-tuning tastes and textures along the way, with a view to making reliably delicious foods that complement and enhance as many lifestyles as possible.

We’re dedicated to creating a wide variety of mouth-watering plant-based foods that deliver – above all else – flavour, flexibility and satisfaction. And that’s why we have loads of exciting new vegan and vegetarian foods on the way, currently being taste-tested by our in-house chefs to make sure they’re as delicious as possible.

So watch this space and keep your eyes peeled for brand new Cauldron products in the chilled aisle next to our famous organic tofu block, our quick and easy tofu range (including our new Smoked and Teriyaki tofu pieces), our award-winning falafels and our tasty vegetarian sausages – coming soon!


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