Fresh Rootz: vegetarian empanada recipe

Posted · 12th February 2015
vegetarian empanada

Fresh Rootz Cauldron Empanada recipe

In celebration of the Rio Carnival, we’ve developed our very own Fresh Rootz Cauldron Empanada recipe. Enjoy!

a beautiful dish of Fresh Rootz Cauldron Empanada



Cumin seeds (ground)
Coriander seeds (ground)
Red onion (chopped)
Potatoes (cubed, boiled to soften and drained)
Mushrooms (sliced)
Feta cheese
Flour (1 cup)


1. First empty the flour into a bowl and season

2. Add warm water and a bit of oil

3. Mix to make a dough, then leave to one side

4. Add the cumin and coriander seeds into a pan and warm until you can smell the spices

5. Add the oil to the same pan and fry the cubed potato, garlic and onion

6. After few minutes, add the sliced mushrooms, salt, pepper and nutmeg

7. Then add the spinach and nuts and cook for few minutes, then take off heat.

Taste the mix and add more seasoning and spices if required.

8. Now roll out the dough into circles. Check out this video (3 minutes in) for how to get the perfect empanada sizes

9. Add filling to the dough and add a slice of Feta cheese.

10. Now fold up and over and seal using a fork to press down the edges so that the mixture doesn’t spill out.

11. Now fry in hot oil until golden in colour.

12. Serve with sweet chilli sauces and fresh basil

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