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Classic British Recipes with a Twist

Traditional British dishes are often big on comfort – think fish and chips, toad in the hole and Cornish pasties. But they’re not as well known for being particularly vegetarian or vegan friendly. That’s why we decided to put our own special Cauldron twist on some classic British recipes, losing the meat but keeping all those delicious flavours in tact!

  • Battered Tofu with Chips & Minted Peas

    There’s nothing more traditional than fish and chips, wrapped in newspaper and smothered in salt and vinegar. By swapping out the cod or haddock for tofu, we’ve created our own tasty version of this famous seaside staple. Our Organic Original Tofu lends itself perfectly to this recipe, offering a soft, creamy centre to the light and crispy batter, with a layer of tangy gherkins and capers hidden inside. Serve with homemade tartar sauce for one extremely satisfying supper!

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  • Forfar Bridies with Cumberland Sausages

    Similar to a Cornish Pasty, this Scottish meat pastry originated in the town of Forfar and is traditionally made with shortcrust pastry, minced meat, beef suet and butter. It’s believed to have been invented by a travelling food seller called Maggie Bridie, making her somewhat of a street food pioneer. To enjoy our meat-free version of this recipe, simply switch the meat filling for our vegetarian Cumberland Sausages.

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  • Bubble & Squeak

    Usually made by frying the leftover vegetables from a roast dinner, ‘bubble & squeak’ is a traditional breakfast dish dating back to the late 19th Century. Our version combines potatoes, cabbage and petit pois with crumbled falafel to add an extra level of delicious flavour. For the perfect lazy vegetarian brunch with friends, serve with spring onions, toasted sesame seeds and a poached egg.

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  • Toad in the Hole

    Toad in the Hole is a simple yet delicious dish consisting of sausages cooked in Yorkshire Pudding batter and served with a thick onion gravy. A reliably popular dinner time favourite, its roots can be traced back to as early as 1747. For our mouthwatering vegetarian take on this historic dish, we’ve ditched the pork for our Cumberland Sausages and brought everything together with red onions, fresh rosemary and green vegetables.

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  • West Country Pie with Lincolnshire Sausages

    This recipe brings together all the wonderful tastes of the West Country in one extremely satisfying dish. It combines our vegetarian Lincolnshire Sausages with the rich flavours of cider, mustard and leeks, all topped off with a savoury cheese crumble and a handful of pumpkin seeds. A traditional, hearty supper that can be enjoyed with family or friends.

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  • Trifle with Tofu

    A triumph of flavours and textures, this quintessential pudding has graced British tables for centuries. There are various takes on the historic trifle recipe already out there – some use ready-made custard whilst others stick with the classic combination cake, sherry, homemade custard and fruit. Our vegan recipe uses baked, caramelised bananas in place of the more traditional sponge, and the custard layer is instead made of vanilla flavoured tofu cream. Delicious!

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