National Vegetarian Week 2015

Posted · 5th May 2015
National Vegetarian Week

Challenge Yourself to a meat-free week

Can you go meat-free for a week?
With more and more people reducing the amount of meat they include in their diet, National Vegetarian Week is the perfect time to stop and think about your food choices, try something new and get a bit more experimental with your food.

From falafels to tofu, veggie sausages and koftas, there’s so much choice today when it comes to vegetarian cuisine. Non-veggies are finding it easier than ever to enjoy a meat-free day once a week.

But let’s face it, we all know someone who needs a little more encouragement to cull their inner carnivore! That’s why we love National Vegetarian Week. From 18-24 May 2015, people across the country will be ditching meat in favour of veggie options, so it’s the perfect time to branch out and give the vegetarian lifestyle a try.

A word from The Vegetarian Society

To whet your appetite, we wanted to find out more about the rising trends in vegetarian cuisine from the brains behind National Vegetarian Week, The Vegetarian Society. We caught up with them to find out what veggie dishes are the most popular right now!

Vegetarian society

Firstly, why do you think vegetarian cuisine is becoming more and more popular?

We’re definitely seeing an increased interest in tofu and plant based foods in general. One of the main reasons for an increase in vegetarian eating is that people are becoming more aware about the impact of eating high quantities of meat on animals, the environment and health and are keen to make a difference. However, it’s becoming easier than ever to find and more vegetarian products in shops, restaurants and at festivals, making it more mainstream.

Thai mushroom soup and crispy wontons

What vegetarian foods and recipes are most popular at the moment?

We shared a recipe for orange roasted tofu and asparagus recently and it went down a storm with our fans online! Our Vegetarian Society Cookery School has also noticed a real demand for its Vegan Toolkit course, which focusses on how to use tofu in many dishes from sweet to savoury. Cookery students really want to experiment with tofu now and get to grips with glazing, flavouring and giving it bite. One of the most popular tofu dishes is a ‘chicken-style jerk tofu’ where the tofu is glazed, marinated then flavoured with spices and sweetness. Also, our Thai mushroom soup and crispy wontons are really popular [pictured left].

Cauldron loves street food! Can you share who your favourite street food vendors are at the moment?

Our favourites right now include; the lovely Vegeteria (these guys do a lovely falafel), Veggies Catering Campaign and The Parsnipship.

Over to you – take part in the Cauldron challenge!

In honour of National Vegetarian Week, we are challenging Cauldron fans to choose a vegetarian diet during 18-24 May and to share your experiences with us on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

To help inspire those who may need a little more persuasion – we’ve found a non-vegetarian couple, who are willing to share their experiences of going meat-free for the week. Keep checking back during 18 – 25 May for updates of how they’re getting on and we’ll be sharing the recipes they’ll be trying daily, so you can try them out too!


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