Cauldron Falafels: Back to Being Brilliant!

Posted · 19th November 2018

Dear Cauldron Fans,

We have something to tell you. Earlier this year, something happened to our falafels.

Due to a fire at one of our factories, we were forced to change where our falafels were produced – this involved transporting our cooking equipment halfway across the country as quickly as possible to try and minimise any disruption. And although the ingredients remained exactly the same, many of you noticed a difference in their appearance and texture.

Now for the good news. We’re happy to report we’ve returned to our original production site, and our falafels are back to exactly how they were before – the same high-quality, versatile balls of delicious flavour you know and love, packed with chickpeas and cooked to perfection!

How You Remember Them

Many of you know us first and foremost for our falafels, and as such you were incredibly disappointed when you noticed a difference. Some of you were also under the impression they’d undergone a permanent change, especially because we also updated our branding and packaging recently. We’d like to reassure you they are back to exactly how you remember – fabulous tasting falafels!

Throughout the last few months we were completely overwhelmed by how many of you reached out to us in order to find out why your favourite go-to snack had changed. We had an influx of tweets, comments and messages, all telling us how disappointed you were, how much you rely on them or how much you missed them. Your concerned responses and best wishes when you found out it was all due to a fire were truly heartwarming – thank you so much for your kind words.

We genuinely care about the quality of all our foods, and we rely heavily on our fans for feedback. We’re always looking to grow and improve, and it’s the conversations with this community that keep us on track. If you ever feel something’s not quite right, you can drop us a message any time, either through our contact page, on our social media channels or by emailing us at We’ll always try and take your suggestions on board – we respect all opinions, viewpoints and dietary decisions.

So look out for our good old Middle Eastern Falafels on supermarket shelves – you’ll spot the signature yellow and brown circle in Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose, or look out for them on Ocado, the online supermarket. You’ll also find our Moroccan Falafels are also available again in Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and on Ocado – just look out for the red and brown circle. The packaging may be new, but they still pack the same old great taste!

And if you’re looking for fresh inspiration, we have loads of exciting falafel recipes right here on our website. As you know, they’re delicious hot or cold and make for an incredibly satisfying sandwich filling or a deliciously simple snack. So invite your friends round, crack open the hummus, warm up some pittas and get sharing – they’re back to brilliant, just as they should be!

Thanks again for your continued support – it really means a lot!

Team Cauldron

P.S. Just to keep you in the loop, as well as having to move production of our famous Middle Eastern Falafels and Moroccan Falafels, some of our other foods were also affected by the fire. You may have noticed our Sicilian Arancini and Spiced Indian Koftas have also been in short supply – but we’re happy to report they’re now back in stock. Unfortunately, our Persian Falafels aren’t quite ready yet, but don’t worry – they’ll be back on the shelves really soon, so watch this space!


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