Are nachos really Mexican?

Posted · 23rd September 2015
tasty nachos

It’s all about the nachos!

The answer to this question is not a straightforward one. Nachos were invented in Mexico, for Americans, by a Mexican!

They originated in the small Mexican town of Piedras Negras in 1943 and were invented by restaurateur, Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya. One day, when Nacho was without his chef, he needed to rustle up a quick snack for a group of US military wives who were in town. Grabbing what he could find in the kitchen, he fried tortillas and served them warm with grated cheese and jalapeño peppers: simple, tasty and vegetarian.

The popularity of the dish swiftly spread throughout Texas and the Southwest USA, eventually becoming a worldwide favourite. Nachos as we know them today are truly a Tex Mex dish, but because of these unusual beginnings, they will always have Mexico at their heart.

Tex Mex Nachos

These nachos are widely available throughout the UK with a variety of tasty toppings. But we’ve searched the country for places to enjoy a more traditionally Mexican style of Nachos, like “Nacho” himself might have made.

Casa Morita

Casa Morita, a traditional Mexican restaurant in Brixton, London, recently introduced an exciting new dish to its vibrant menu. ‘Totopos Especiales’ is a more traditional, lighter version of the nachos that most of us know and love. The corn tortillas are broken into more unusual shapes, away from the familiar triangles and toppings include black beans, which are slow cooked for at least four hours and fresh vegetables in a chilli and chipotle sauce.


Taquiera, also in London, started life as a street food stall serving tacos. Now a successful restaurant serving traditional Mexican dishes, Taquiera boasts tasty totopos dishes, served with guacamole or salsa, both of which are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Or, check out your nearest branch of the popular Mexican restaurant, Wahaca. Here, tortilla chips are served with fresh, more traditionally Mexican toppings.


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