7 Easy & Delicious Lunch Recipes For Vegetarian Week

Posted · 2nd May 2019

May is a beautiful time of year; spring has well and truly sprung, the weather is looking up and there are bountiful supplies of fruit and veg grown. It seems fitting then, that National Vegetarian Week should fall in May – this year from 13th to the 19th of the month.

As huge lovers of vegetarian and vegan food here at Cauldron, we thought it was only fitting that we provide a list of our top 7 lunch meals that we thought would see you through Vegetarian Week if you were taking the plunge for the first time – or even just need a little inspiration this year! All of the below recipes are either healthily protein packed, quick and easy, or perfect for work – we’ve even picked them specifically based on the day of the week that we think they would be perfect for! Did someone say meal plan?!

7 Day Vegetarian Meal Plan

1. Monday

Vegan Smoked Tofu, Roasted Squash & Warm Lentil Salad

In this mouthwatering vegan recipe, our NEW Organic Smoked Tofu pieces sit on a bed of roasted butternut squash, vibrant kale and peppery puy lentils, all mixed through with finely chopped parsley and chives. If you’re looking for a way to kickstart your Monday right, look no further!

2. Tuesday

Cauliflower & Tofu Pitas with Mango Dressing

If you want something light and easy to take to work, these pitas are the perfect recipe. Great for snacking on or sharing with friends, these tasty curry-flavoured pittas are packed with roasted cauliflower and slices of crispy golden tofu. Garnish with fresh coriander, spring onion, chilli flakes and a drizzle of homemade mango dressing.

3. Wednesday

Vegan Griddled Peach, Courgette & Teriyaki Tofu Salad

If you’re after a light, bright and flavourful recipe our latest recipe features our brand NEW Teriyaki Tofu pieces with griddled peach and succulent courgette, giving both depth and vibrance to this delicious dish. This dish is easy to take to the office and protein packed to see you through the mid-week slump!

4. Thursday

Falafel Poke Bowl

This delicious Hawaiian-inspired recipe is a bowlful of healthy goodness! Not only is it quick and easy to make – it’s also perfect to make the night before to take with you on Thursday! Nestle our tasty falafels alongside avocado, radishes, cucumber, edamame beans and cool sushi rice, then serve with a homemade dressing, black sesame seeds and micro herbs. Yum!

5. Friday

Sausage, Apricot & Sage Borek

TGIF! Friday is the perfect day to indulge yourself at lunch and congratulate yourself for making it through the working week! So why not experience a taste of ancient Turkish cuisine with this crispy, golden filo pastry, crammed with spinach, pine nuts and delicious tofu. Suffused with a creamy feta flavour and just a hint of dill, it’s topped off with a generous sprinkling of black sesame seeds.

6. Saturday

Loaded South American Hot Dogs

There’s no reason that you can’t have people over on the weekend when you’re vegetarian! These hot dogs are perfect for summer parties and are packed with flavour! Pan-fried vegetarian Cumberland sausages dropped into brioche buns, loaded up with smashed avocado, spring onion and fiery jalapeños. For an extra kick, top with homemade tomato salsa and a drizzle of Sriracha sauce.

7. Sunday

Cumberland Sausages with Baked Seasonal Colcannon

Sunday is either a time for family or a time for some comfort food. Whatever you decide, this traditional Irish dish is the perfect match for our vegetarian Cumberland sausages! Creamy mashed potatoes combined with savoy cabbage, spring greens and garlic, baked together until golden. Serve with peas and gravy for a delicious Sunday lunch treat!


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