Vegan Tofu Thai Green Curry

The classic Thai green curry gets a deliciously vegan twist. Vibrant veg. Tasty tofu. And chock full of flavours to savour. Plus, it packs a punch with pak choi and brilliant baby corn. Serve your vegan green curry with jasmine rice or noodles. Blanch, stir and simmer your way to tofu heaven.

Serves 4
35 mins
260 cals (per serving)
Gluten Free
Vegan Thai Green Curry using Cauldron Tofu on a plate
Cauldron Authentic Tofu packaging with a green background

Made with our Authentic Plant-Based Tofu

High in protein
High in calcium


For the Thai green curry

  • 1 x 396g pack Cauldron Authentic Tofu

  • A drizzle of sesame oil

  • 3 tbsp Thai green curry paste 

  • 2 cloves garlic, sliced

  • 1 small carrot, sliced into matchsticks 

  • 8 baby corn, sliced in half 

  • 8 okra, sliced in half 

  • 50g mange tout, sliced in half 

  • 50g green beans, trimmed and sliced in half

  • 1 red pepper, de-seeded and sliced

  • 1 tbsp corn flour

  • 250ml fat coconut milk

  • 150ml low salt stock (made with 1/4 low salt stock cube) 

  • 3 lime leaves

  • 100g pak choi

To serve (optional)

  • Coriander leaves

  • 1 red chilli, sliced

  • Coconut shards

Our tip

In a hurry? Why not switch the Cauldron Authentic Tofu for Cauldron Marinated Tofu Pieces?


  1. Remove the Authentic Tofu block from the pack and press as per pack instructions for 20 minutes to remove excess moisture. Slice into one inch cubes approximately one centimetre thick.

  2. Heat a drizzle of sesame oil in a large non-stick frying pan or wok. Fry the tofu cubes for 3 minutes on each side or until golden brown. Remove and set to one side. Add the Thai green curry paste and cook for 1 minute. 

  3. Add the garlic, carrot, baby corn, okra, mange tout, green beans and red pepper. Stir fry for 3 minutes over a high heat. 

  4. Mix the cornflour with one tablespoon of water in a small ramekin. Add the coconut milk and stock to the pan along with the cornflour mix and lime leaves. Cover and simmer for 2 minutes. 

  5. Add the pak choi and tofu into the pan. Toss lightly to combine. Cover and simmer for 2 minutes (add a slash of water to loosen the sauces if needed). 

  6. Spoon into warmed serving bowls. Garnish with Thai basil leaves, coriander leaves, red chilli, chopped peanuts, coconut shards and lime wedges.

Our tip

In a hurry? Why not switch the Cauldron Authentic Tofu for Cauldron Marinated Tofu Pieces?

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