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Korean Bites

Bring a kick of Korea to your plate with our new plant-based snack, Korean Bites! Packed full of colourful veggies, including carrots, sweet potatoes, onion, kale, chargrilled...

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Middle Eastern Falafels

Inspired by an authentic recipe, our Middle Eastern Falafels are packed with chickpeas and cooked to perfection with tasty herbs and spices. Delicious hot or cold, they make an...

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Moroccan Falafels

Our Moroccan Falafels combine chickpeas, agave, apricots and a touch of chilli, all mixed together with a selection of fragrant North African spices. Fantastic hot or cold,...

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Tandoori Bites

Take your plant-based snacking to heights you never knew you could. A warming curry and chilli heat balanced with smooth coconut and colourful vegetables. CARBON NEUTRAL For...

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Known for its ability to absorb flavours, tofu is the ultimate protein-packed ingredient! Cubed, sliced, glazed, fried or baked - when it comes to satisfying tofu dishes that deliver on taste, the only limit is your imagination. Whether you want to experiment with your own marinades or grab some quick and easy pre-flavoured tofu pieces, we've got all you need!

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Breakfast, lunch, dinner - whichever meal of the day, sausages suit them all. Served up in a full English, fried for a succulent sandwich or baked in a feel-good casserole, they always make the meal! Vegetarian sausages have never tasted so good.

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