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Vegan & Vegetarian Greek Food Recipes

Posted · 12th August 2019

Traditional and Famous Ancient Greek Food Unsurprisingly, Greece has a culinary history......

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  • Falafels with salad
    Posted · 10th January 2018

    What Are Falafels Made From?

    What are falafels? Falafels are deep-fried balls traditionally found in Middle Eastern cuisine, usually made from ground chickpeas, though some variants contain broad beans or...

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  • Celebrating National Curry Week
    Posted · 13th October 2017

    Celebrating Curry Week

    National Curry Week 2017! To celebrate National Curry Week, we’ve put together our very own Cauldron Curry Cookbook with all our favourite vegetarian and vegan curry recipes from...

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  • Woman ready to get cooking in the kitchen
    Posted · 11th September 2017

    Meet the Masters of Tofu

    We’re passionate about tofu We’re incredibly passionate about tofu – it’s a wonderfully exciting main ingredient that opens the door to an endless variety of tasty me...

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  • Tofu Cheesecake
    Posted · 8th September 2017

    Tofu Desserts: Ideas & Inspiration

    A range of Tofu Desserts Tofu is most commonly known for being the star of savoury dishes and main meals, but it’s also incredibly delicious when used in sweet recipes. Due to i...

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  • Tofu presented in a bowl of soup
    Posted · 5th September 2017

    Surprising Ways of Cooking With Tofu

    Tofu is versatile One of the most exciting things about tofu is just how wonderfully versatile it is. People who don’t eat tofu regularly often expect it to be served up plain, c...

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  • Chef cooking tofu in the kitchen
    Posted · 18th August 2017

    Advanced Tofu Techniques: Textures & Flavours

    Understanding how to master tofu Mastering tofu is all about taking things to the next level, so we’ve pulled together some ideas for experimenting with the texture of tofu, m...

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