Discover our Tofu range

For Quick & Easy Cooking

Marinated Tofu Pieces

Marinated with a hint of garlic and ginger, our Organic Marinated Tofu pieces are packed with flavour and offer a super convenient dinnertime solution. Eat straight from the packet...

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Smoked Tofu Pieces

Naturally smoked with beechwood, our Organic Smoked Tofu is fuss-free and ideal for those quick and easy meals. Adding huge depth of flavour to any goulash, carbonara or Buddha...

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Teriyaki Tofu Pieces

Infused with a delicious tamari soya sauce, our Organic Teriyaki Tofu is great for adding texture and flavour to Asian-style dishes. Perfect for quick and easy recipes, it adds a...

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For Creative Cooking

Tofu Block

Our extra-firm Organic Tofu is incredibly versatile, with the amazing ability to absorb flavours from the ingredients around it. Suited to a wide variety of exciting dishes – from curries to soups, salads to desserts – it’s ideal for adventurous cooks and beginners alike, ready for action in thousands of recipes.

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We also make...


Cauldron brings you versatile products that can be used across different eating occasions. Giving you the flexibility to eat on-the-go, or assemble a quick wrap for lunch or...

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Cauldron’s unique and distinctly British Lincolnshire and Cumberland Sausages are low in saturated fat and high in protein. Ideal fare for healthy foodies and vegetarians alike, C...

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Heat & Eat

Here at Cauldron, we are embracing the growing street food trend and helping the nation change its eating habits. Brits are becoming more relaxed about the way they eat, enjoying...

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