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Tofu is an exciting, versatile, protein-packed ingredient used in a variety of tasty dishes all across the globe. We should know - we’ve been making high quality tofu for over thirty years. So if you want to unlock the secrets of reliably delicious tofu, check out our tips, techniques and recipes - you’ll be mastering tofu in no time!

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Cauldron Tofu Range

Organic Original Tofu

Our extra-firm Organic Original Tofu is incredibly versatile, with the amazing ability to absorb flavours from the ingredients around it. Suited to a wide variety of exciting dishes - from curries to soups, salads to desserts - it's ideal for adventurous cooks and beginners alike, ready for action in thousands of recipes.

Marinated Tofu Pieces

Marinated in a delicious tamari soy sauce with a hint of garlic and ginger, our Marinated Tofu Pieces are packed with flavour and offer a super convenient dinnertime solution. Eat straight from the packet or throw into a stir-fry and warm through - either way, they make for a seriously tasty treat!

Sweet Ginger Tofu

Our Sweet Ginger Tofu has been infused with pieces of ginger and garlic then marinated in a sweet soy sauce. The extra marinade in the pack can be added to your wok, combining all the flavours together right through your dish - absolutely delicious! Are you ready to release the flavour?

Friends of Cauldron

I love using tofu in my treats and desserts. Since it doesn’t have much of a flavour and thanks to it’s silky, smooth texture, it can be used as the the base of many desserts. From cheesecakes, ice creams, puddings, tarts and as a replacement for eggs/oil in baking. It’s such a versatile ingredient and so healthy!


Cauldron’s Organic Original Tofu works well in salads. I like to thickly slice it and cook on my griddle pan – I enjoy the texture so much more this way, appreciating the flavour of the firmer tofu and the crispy edge from frying it. It’s best pressed for 10 minutes, then marinated for 30 minutes. Happily, tofu takes on what ever flavours you marinate it in!


I’ve learned a few tricks to get that super-crispy, packed with flavour ‘ultimate’ tofu taste at home. Tofu soaks up anything you chuck at it like a sponge. But if that sounds a bit of a faff, don’t panic – help is at hand from the lovely people at Cauldron, who recently brought out their ready-marinated Sweet Ginger Tofu. The leftover marinade can be used to create a sticky, ginger coating – properly delicious!


Cooking with tofu doesn’t have to be all that complicated – it’s easy enough to get to know a few tofu recipes well, then build from there. I love Cauldron’s Marinated Tofu Pieces added to salads or stir-fries – I often just eat them straight from the packet, they rarely make it to the fridge! They’re great for picnics too. I’ve also found Cauldron’s Organic Original Tofu works really well if you drain it over night in a tofu press.


Cauldron’s ready Marinated Tofu Pieces require absolutely no preparation whatsoever. No tofu pressing, no marinating, no waiting – on the table in the time it takes to cook rice! We served them up with some stir fried summer veg in a light ginger, garlic and soy sauce and scoffed the lot!


I’m a big tofu fan. When Cauldron asked if I wanted to come up with a recipe using their famous tofu and I was like “I’ve literally never wanted to do anything more.” Cauldron tofu blocks are great value, they last a long time in the fridge, they’re massive and they’re often on offer.


You can’t make good tofu katsu without a delicious firm tofu, my absolute favourite being Cauldron’s Original Organic Tofu. It’s made with non-GM ingredients, is available in most supermarkets in the UK, and is both firm and moist in texture. Absolutely perfect for making yummy tofu treats!


Cauldron are my go to tofu brand – I had loads of grand ideas for their Sweet Ginger Tofu but decided to keep it simple. The tofu is infused with actual real little pieces of garlic and ginger which I loved. It takes away the need to soak the tofu to as the flavour is already running through the tofu block!


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