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Exciting, authentic food deliciously frozen for you.

Perfect for vegans. Delicious for everyone!

Introducing our tasty new Vegan Wholefood Sausages and Vegan Wholefood Burgers. Packed with rich, exciting flavours and bursting with wholesome goodness, they’re every bit as delicious as they are versatile.

Like many of our foods, they’re thoughtfully made from plant-based ingredients. And because they’re frozen, all those wonderful flavours are locked right in. Rest assured – with Cauldron, there’s no need to compromise on taste.

Vegan Wholefood Sausages

Combining the wholesome goodness of mediterranean grilled vegetables, haricot beans and tomato pesto, our vegan sausages are full of flavour and incredibly versatile. Try them in wraps with basil pesto and red peppers, or throw them in an Italian stew with potatoes, yellow peppers, olives and fresh basil.

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Vegan Wholefood Burgers

Bringing together the wholesome goodness of cauliflower, aduki beans, spinach and chipotle chili, our vegan burgers are a taste sensation. Try them on dark rye bread with crushed avocado and topped with mango salsa. Or how about a burger stack, layered with vegan cheese and chilli jam, served on a bed of rocket and beetroot.

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Where to Find Them

As convenient to buy as they are to prepare, our Vegan Wholefood Sausages and Burgers are available in frozen food aisles across the UK and Ireland. The number of supermarkets stocking our new products continues to grow and grow, so use our store finder to find your nearest shop.

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Vegan Burgers - Now available in Waitrose

Opening Up Options

As a meat-free organisation, we offer a wide variety of tempting vegetarian foods, with many of our products perfectly befitting the vegan lifestyle. We’re incredibly pleased our new Vegan Wholefood Sausages and Burgers are suitable for all – from health-conscious foodies to vegetarians to vegans.

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Reliably Delicious Recipes

Enjoy our Vegan Wholefood Sausages and Burgers as a simple snack or as part of a more adventurous meal. Serve up in wraps, stacks, sandwiches and stews – our easy-to-follow recipes are lovingly designed to bring out their very best and complement each of their mouth-watering flavours.

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Vegan Sausage Wrap with Basil Pesto & Red Peppers

Vegan Italian Sausage Stew

25 mins
3 people

Our Growing Range

We’re perhaps most famous for our high-quality organic Tofu and delightfully moreish Falafels. These latest additions sit perfectly alongside our Indian Koftas, Sicilian Arancini and British-style Sausages. Chilled or frozen, our products always deliver on texture and taste.

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