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Top 5 Vegan Recipes For A Summer BBQ

Much to the UK’s disbelief, this summer’s heatwave lasted longer than a week which definitely means it’s time to crack out the barbecue if you haven’t already! The weather presents the perfect opportunity to gather family and/or friends to celebrate with a garden party, so we’ve collated our favourite vegan recipes for summer. And even when the clouds inevitably open, we still have everything from light and healthier bites through to BBQ classics for you to enjoy indoors!

  • 1. Falafel Summer Rolls with Spicy Avocado Dip

    Just because it’s BBQ season doesn’t mean you have to resort to BBQ staples. In this heat, something a little lighter than your standard burger and hot dogs might be preferable. This vegan falafel summer roll recipe is a nod to Vietnamese street food, perfect if you’re in need of something fresh for your garden party. This dish can be prepped and served in around half an hour – perfect to wow your guests.

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    Falafel Summer Rolls with Spicy Avocado Dip
  • Chimichurri Tofu Skewers

    2. Chimichurri Tofu Skewers

    Sometimes at a BBQ you don’t want to stray too far away from what you and your guests know, especially if you’re catering for kids! That’s why our vegan chimichurri tofu skewers are perfect for a traditional looking barbecue favourite with a twist. This Argentinian herb sauce acts as both a marinade and finishing touch drizzled over your skewers.

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  • 3. Tofu Pineapple Crush

    What would a garden party be without a sweet treat to finish? Our vegan tofu pineapple crush is definitely a show-stopper! Whether you need a tropical dessert or a refreshing drink for your party, adding tofu is an ideal way to add a little extra creaminess to the recipe. You could even add a splash or two of alcohol for the older attendees; rum or vodka goes perfectly.

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    Tofu Pineapple Crush
  • Indian Kofta Coconut Yoghurt Flatbreads

    4. Indian Kofta Coconut Yoghurt Flatbreads

    Another light bite that is easy to prep and easy to serve is our vegan Indian kofta coconut yoghurt flatbreads. Just because you want something on the healthier side, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on flavour! These soft and fluffy flatbreads only take 20 minutes to prepare, even when making the flatbread from scratch. Garnish with a flourish of coriander to serve.

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  • 5. Spicy BBQ Falafel Burger with Chilli Slaw

    Last, but by no means least, is a barbecue garden party favourite: the burger. Unless you’ve been living in the dark for the past few years you’ll know that it’s now easier than ever to have a delicious vegan burger. This recipe of ours makes sure to pile the burger high, while adding a touch of harissa for a Middle Eastern twist of spice.

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    Spicy BBQ Falafel Burger with Chilli Slaw
  • We love creating and preparing vegan recipes and believe tofu is an incredibly versatile ingredient in which to add to any dish. If you’re unsure about how to cook with tofu, you can learn about how to prepare, cook and store tofu with us. Or, if you’re wondering which of our products are specifically vegan, head to our FAQs to find out more.

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