Unleash Plant-Based Greatness with NEW Pressed Tofu and Tandoori Bites!

Posted · 11th May 2021

At Cauldron, we’re constantly thinking, researching and creating! We want to inspire you with a whole host of mouth-watering recipes that are better for us and better for our planet.

In April, we introduced you to our Greek-Style Cubes in Mediterranean Herbs. This month, we’re going all out and launching TWO new plant-based products to take your summer recipes to the next level!

New Cauldron Plant-Based Products

Cauldron Tandoori Bites

The sidekick with a KICK!

Take your plant-based snacking to heights you never knew you could. A warming curry & chilli heat balanced with smooth coconut and colourful veggies!

Cauldron Pressed Tofu with Italian Herbs & Tomato

Put some pizzaz in your pasta!

Beautiful in colour and flavoured with herbs and sundried tomatoes, it’s the perfect addition to throw into your pasta, salad and Italian cuisine.

Our Pressed Tofu with Italian Herbs & Tomato and Tandoori Bites will be hitting the shelves of Waitrose as of today!

Tell us more!

Tandoori Bites

Our Tandoori Bites are crammed full of colourful veggies; sweet potato, kale, red pepper, carrot, onion and rice, making them a fantastic source of protein and high in fibre. We’ve bundled all those classic Indian spices into each bite to give them a warming chilli heat and cooling coconut taste. You can cook them up in a delicious curry or serve as they are on a salad, in a wrap or as the star of the show on a snacking platter.

Pressed Tofu with Italian Herbs & Tomato

Made from organic and sustainable soya beans, our new Tofu with Italian Herbs is high in protein, an excellent source of calcium, low in saturated fat and gluten-free. It’s been carefully infused with both tomatoes and herbs to give it a beautiful colour and an even better taste, and it’s pressed, meaning it’s ready to slice, cook and serve! Generous chunks make for a great addition to pasta dishes, summer salads and veg-packed poke bowls.

Now, you want to see them in action, right? We’ve pulled together some temptingly tasty recipes to inspire you in the kitchen and get those creative juices flowing.

WARNING: The below content is extremely appetising, and we’d only suggest scrolling further if you’re willing to surrender to the kitchen immediately.

Vegan Coconut Curry with Tandoori Bites

This Indian-spiced curry balances fiery, warm chilli heat with cooling coconut milk. Our new Tandoori Bites add a beautiful texture and flavour, alongside fresh veggies and a generous helping of fluffy rice!

Full recipe

Mediterranean Tofu Tray Bake

Colourful layers of fresh vegetables, soft cubes of Pressed Tofu with Italian Herbs & Tomato, and seasoned to perfection with basil and oregano. And the best bit – it’s all done in one tray!

Full recipe 

Curried Pittas with Tandoori Bites

Pull out all the stops for a top-notch snacking occasion with these bite-sized pittas, loaded with curried hummus, crispy baked turmeric chickpeas, our new Tandoori Bites and fresh herbs.

Full recipe

Tofu with Italian Herbs Gnocchi Pot

Warming, filling and bursting with fresh ingredients, our new Tofu with Italian Herbs combine with a rich tomato base and soft gnocchi to create the ultimate comfort food. Dig out your biggest pan and gather the family!

Full recipe 

You’ll find our Tofu with Italian Herbs & Tomato and Tandoori Bites on the shelves of Waitrose – pick up a packet and let us know what recipes you cook up! Share them with us on Instagram; we can’t wait to see!


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