Move Over Feta and Hello NEW Cauldron Greek-Style Cubes!

Posted · 29th March 2021

At Cauldron, we’re constantly thinking of innovative ways to take your at-home cooking to the next level.

Just in time for a bit of al fresco dining, we’re delighted to announce that our brand NEW Greek-Style Cubes in Mediterranean Herbs will be hitting the dairy-free shelves of Waitrose in mid-April!

Deliciously soft, crumbly and savoury soya cubes to sprinkle on top of your salads, throw in your veg-packed wraps, crumble in your pittas and much, MUCH more!

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What are these powerful little plant cubes?

Made from organic and sustainable soya beans, the crumbly Cubes are carefully infused with classic Mediterranean flavours, basil and oregano, giving a subtle but mighty kick to your salads, wraps and summer snack plates—a great vegan dairy-free option. Your craving for a textured topper can end here!

In the words of Holly, our Registered Associate Nutritionist, “Greek-Style Cubes are a great new versatile dairy-free option to traditional feta cheese. It will definitely be reassuring for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike that whilst these cubes will power up their meals from a taste perspective, they will also provide a great source of protein and calcium whilst being low in saturated fat – an all-round win-win!”

Where Can I Buy Cauldron Greek-Style Cubes?

These small but mighty infused cubes are launching first in Waitrose, in the middle of April 2021, in the diary-free shelf in the cheese aisle, and then in Sainsbury’s, early May 2021!

How to use Greek-Style Cubes

The options are endless!

We know that phrase is thrown around a LOT, but the last thing we want to do is limit your culinary experimentation – we’d be doing them an injustice!

Of course, we’re more than happy to give you some food for thought; here are some of our favourite recipes. Let us know what you think, and tag us in your recipes as soon as you’ve got your hands on them. Move over feta, there’s a new kid on the block!

Greek-Style Salad with Cauldron Greek-Style Cubes in Mediterranean Herbs

Crammed with a light, leafy salad, sharp olives, fresh herbs and tangy Greek-Style Cubes, it’s a taste of the Med brought straight to your kitchen table.

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Loaded Tortilla Salad Bowl with Greek-Style Cubes

A delicious combo of flavours and textures – all bundled together in an edible tortilla bowl (winning!).
Creamy avo dressing, sweet, crunchy carrots and crumbly Cauldron Greek-Style Cubes – it’s the perfect trio!

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Pasta Salad with Greek-Style Cubes

A quick and easy pasta salad that’ll be prepped, ready and in your bowl within 15 minutes – great for when the sun’s shining and you want to get out in the garden ASAP!

A light combo of soft pasta, fresh veg, pitted olives and Cauldron Greek-Style Cubes in Mediterranean Herbs.

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Hummus Dip Platter with Greek-Style Cubes

Dip and dunk straight into a taste of Greece with this rich, flavourful vegan platter.

Perfectly paired with a crusty sourdough slice, throw olives, cucumber, tomato, lemon and crumbly Cauldron Greek-Style Cubes in Mediterranean Herbs on to a bed of homemade hummus for a Mediterranean medley.

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Share your recipes, using the brand new Greek-Style Cubes, with us on Instagram and we’ll reshare our favourite creations to our story!


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