Cooking with Ching-He Huang

Posted · 7th January 2021
Cooking with Ching He Huang

Tofu is often a go-to ingredient in vegan cooking but one that is sometimes overlooked for fear of cooking it wrong or misconceptions that it is bland. So, to give us a helping hand this Veganuary and set the record straight, we’ve teamed up with TV chef and food writer Ching-He Huang to share her top tips and tricks plus some delicious NEW recipes to get us through this month, and beyond!

“I am so excited to be partnering with Cauldron Foods this year, to celebrate Veganuary and the wonders of tofu. I personally have been eating tofu all of my life and it is a staple in my household. However, whilst it is an ingredient that I incorporate into so many of my dishes, I know that it often receives a mixed reception. This is why I have created some brilliant recipes using Cauldron’s Organic Tofu range, to showcase the true potential of tofu and highlight that the art really is in how you cook it!”
Ching-He Huang

To showcase tofu’s true versatility, Ching has created three recipes that are packed full of flavour and unlock the true potential of this wonderful ingredient. However, the true art is in the way you prepare and cook your tofu. So, to help us avoid any kitchen disasters, here are Ching’s top tofu tips!

  • Do not add oil when marinating your tofu: Adding oil to your marinade will prevent it from seeping into the tofu. As tofu is not very porous anyway, the addition of oil makes it even harder. A handy tip is to oil your pan instead of the tofu, if you want to achieve really flavoursome tofu.
  • Drain the tofu water bath and press out excess liquid: Not draining and pressing your tofu to remove excess moisture will result in you making a ‘wet stir fry’, when your dish is usually supposed to be a ‘dry-fry’ dish. Before you do anything with your tofu, press it for around 10-20 minutes by placing it in between two chopping boards lined with kitchen roll and putting something heavy on top to apply pressure
  • Do not over stir your tofu dish: This is a common mistake that so many are guilty of making. Over stirring will result in your tofu breaking down, which means you will end up with a scrambled dish as opposed to lovely chunky shapes.
  • Store your tofu correctly: Not storing your tofu in clean water will reduce the shelf life, leading to the tofu turning bad quickly and tasting sour. Cover any leftover unprepared tofu in filtered water and pop in the fridge, as this will keep it in good shape for a few days.

So, for those eager to put their plant-based culinary skills to the test, make sure to check out Ching’s exclusive recipes below.

Golden Tofu Singapore Noodles

These Golden Tofu Singapore Noodles are simple to prepare and easy to enjoy. A perfect dish for Veganuary and beyond.

Full recipe

Japanese Style Sesame Tofu

Transport yourself to the streets of Tokyo with this mouth-watering Japanese style sesame tofu dish.

Full recipe

Spicy Sichuan Style Aubergine & Tofu

This Sichuan Style Aubergine & Tofu dish is a heavenly combination of flavours, perfect as a quick and easy lunch or dinner option.

Full recipe


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