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5 Best Veggie Burger Recipes

If you’re after vegetarian burger recipe ideas, look no further – with National Burger Day almost upon us it’s the perfect time to indulge in something extra tasty! Thursday 23rd August is a day for all things burger-related, so to mark the occasion we’ve pulled together our five favourite meat-free burger recipes. It doesn’t matter if you’re vegetarian, vegan or just a fan of great tasting burgers – there’s a classic here for everyone.

  • 1. Lincolnshire Sausage & Beetroot Veggie Burger

    Our Lincolnshire Sausage & Beetroot veggie burger recipe if full of great textures and flavours and is perfect if you’ve recently transitioned from a meat diet to a vegetarian diet. This burger recipe takes just 15 minutes to both prepare and cook, meaning more time for fun in the sun or socialising at your garden party. Add some spicy horseradish cream if you want a touch of heat!

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  • Cauldron Sweet Ginger Tofu Burger with Kimchi Slaw

    2. Sweet Ginger Tofu Burger with Kimchi Slaw

    If you’re looking for something a little out of the box this burger day (or summer in general), this sweet ginger tofu with kimchi claw is a perfect replacement for a traditional burger. A combination of tofu, sweet ginger spices and tinned chickpeas, it’s packed full of flavour and goodness. This veggie burger takes 15 minutes to prepare and 25 to cook, but you’ll also get a crunchy slaw that has a fiery kick that you can serve either on on your burger or as a side dish.

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  • 3. Smoky American Barbecue Tofu Burger

    A true burger fan knows that some of the best burgers are those with a classic barbecue flavour. Our smoky American barbecue tofu burger satisfies just that; a lightly spiced glazed with gherkins and lashings of delicious hickory smoke barbecue sauce. You can add or remove the cheese depending on whether you’re catering to vegetarian or vegan diets.

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    Cauldron Smoky American Barbecue Tofu Burger
  • Cauldron Koftas in mumbai Street Food Style Burger

    4. Koftas in Mumbai Street Food Style Burger

    Veggie burgers mean you can be a little more inventive than the plain and simple meat and ketchup combo. Our Indian kofta burgers are a perfect example of making something Mumbai street food style – they offer up a zing when paired with a fiery and fresh green sauce. These burgers are perfect for anyone strapped for time, taking only 10 minutes to both prepare and cook.

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  • 5. Spicy BBQ Falafel Burger with Chili Slaw

    Our last recipe includes an old faithful in terms of vegetarian products; the falafel burger. A classic flavour that includes the perfect burger texture is elevated to the next level by piling it as high as possible with a mixture of corn, sriracha, rocket, tomatoes and more. This loaded burger will have the entire party smiling as they taste Middle Eastern hints running through their food.

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    Cauldron Spicy BBQ Falafel Burger with Chili Slaw
  • Whatever you’re doing for National Burger Day, try a vegetarian recipe for you and your family this year. We’re dedicated to encouraging people to adopt a meat-free lifestyle by inspiring them with exciting, authentic meals – we think offering tasty alternatives for national celebrations is a perfect way to do this. If you’re interested in more tasty flavours, visit our vegetarian or vegan recipes or if you want to learn about how to cook with tofu, or how to serve falafel, visit our blog.

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